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DeVae adds contracts to playing repertoire

DeVae adds contracts to playing repertoire

Birdges Alum John DeVae has decided to  help others lace up their boots, while he continues to slip his own on.  Recently, DeVae has decided to become an agent; looking to sign players with teams all over the world.  Bridges FC had a chance to talk with DeVae last week and ask him some questions before he headed off on his initial investigation.

BFC: What have you been up to since the Bridges tour ended this past August?

JD:  I have been training with the Rockford Rampage in their off season work.  I have just been trying to keep fit and get some touches on the ball.

BFC: Did you plan on playing in the US again this summer?

JD:  I had looked into some USSF (formerly USL – 1) options, but things weren’t progressing as I had hoped.  I started to think about what I might want to get into after my playing days were finished.

BFC: Most players find a way to stay in the game, usually with coaching.  Any interest?

JD: I had thought a little about coaching, but becoming a players’ agent was brought to my attention and I was very interested in being able to represent and help players play at the highest levels.

BFC:  Where do you plan on representing players?

JD: There is an incredible market for American players in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  Currently, there are not many American players, the standard is high, and the wages are fair.

BF:  Why those locations?

JD: In my experience, I was fairly limited with playing options.  I hope to be able to expand the possibilities for players in the future.

BFC:  Still looking to play?

JD: I am.  I plan to play in the S league (top division in Singapore).  I will technically represent myself.

BFC:  When do you plan on taking off?

JD:  I’m actually in Vietnam as we speak.  I took off on the 18th and am looking to get things moving here right away.

BFC:  Awesome.  Well, thanks so much for talking with us and best of luck!

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