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Bridges 1 GAIS Reserves 2

Goteburg, Sweden – After a lengthy ride and a rough beginning schedule, Bridges were unable to maintain forward momentum, falling to Goteburg side GAIS Reserves 2-1.  Though Bridges were able to create early chances, they were unable to capitalize.  Chances by midfielder Joel DeLass and striker John DeVae were as good as the visitors would see in the first half with the chances going right at the keeper and wide, respectively.  Though unable to create much themselves, Bridges defense was up to the task with Drew Jeskey, Alvin Hudson, and Marcos Morales limiting GAIS opportunities throughout the first half.  Patient in their attack, GAIS were able to build effectively and find a midfielder with space in the 13th minute.  Taking a touch forward, he struck with pace to the left window where keeper Levey was able to push the ball away.  Unfortunately for Bridges, the rebound fell directly to a GAIS striker who found the back of the net, putting the hosts ahead, 1-0.  With both sides finding fairly equal possession for the remainder of the half, few dangerous chances were created by either side.

The second half saw a fresh Bridges squad as Hall looked to relieve tired and weary legs with fresh energetic ones.  The move would prove wise as Bridges came out at the whistle with fervent pace and energy.  They looked to put the ball into the corners, constantly putting pressure on GAIS backs.  Holding strong, GAIS weathered the early attack and were able to capitalize on one of their lone chances in the 63rd minute.  A deep ball into the Bridges final third found a GAIS winger heading toward the endline.  Just before the touchline, he sent a ball to the middle of the six where the initial attempt was again saved by Levey.  With the ball rattling around in the box, GAIS were the first to find and pounce, putting them ahead, 2-0.

But Bridges were not yet finished.  With the two goal deficit, the visitors pushed forward looking for more opportunities.  With a man on his back and no one central, Reed Cataldo took a fantastic strike from a near impossible angle in the 70th minute.  Amazingly, the strike hit the near, top, and far posts before bouncing out to a GAIS defender.  Continuing to push, Bridges would finally get on the board in the 90th minute, as Cataldo placed a perfect ball into center striker, Kieron Keane, who found himself alone on the keeper.  Keane fired the ball home to the upper corner, narrowing the lead to 1.  Unfortunately, the celebrations were short lived as the whistle blew directly following the restart.  Bridges will return to action tomorrow again Danish squad Herfolge at 18:00.

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