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Bridges 0 Roskilde 1

Roskilde, Denmark – After a couple of days rest it took Bridges nearly a half to wipe the rust away.  With Roskilde in the end of their preseason, the team were fit and ready to play creating dangerous chances right out the gate.  In only the 3rd minute a home striker found himself with the ball and time as he fired a shot from 26 yards.  The ball was a screamer but fortunately for Bridges it sailed just wide of the target.  With no ideas of slowing down, Roskilde continued to press putting pressure on backs Alvin Hudson, Drew Jeskey, and Pat McMahon.  Roskilde were able to get off a few more chances but none that were too threatening to the visitors.  It wasn’t until the 24th minute when Roskilde would find the net.  An inopportune bounce found the home striker with the ball at 12 yards where he ripped a ball to the upper corner where keeper Brian Levey had no chance.

At the half hour mark the Americans came out to play.  With sound passing in the midfeild by Marco Sullo, Joel DeLass, and Drew DeGurian, the visitors looked to even the score highlighted by shots from DeLass and striker Desmond Tachie in the 34th and 37th minute, respectively.  With no goals to show for their efforts, Bridges went into the locker room down one but having played their best soccer in the final minutes of the half.

As the second half began, Bridges looked to continue from their success late in the first half.  Limiting Roskilde’s chances entirely, Bridges created all the opportunities themselves, dominating the half and looking to pull even.  Building from the midfield, Tachie again took a strike in the 53rd but it was blocked wide.  An ensuing onslaught of corners found Bridges players who were just unable to finish.  Credit Roskilde as the defense seemed to always be in the right place at the right time deflecting Bridges chances and maintaining the lead.

Bridges most dangerous opportunity came in the 82nd minute as a Leslie Osei shot was deflected and found Tachie on the back post.  The Canadian striker struck for goal where his shot hit the post and went over the endline for a goal kick.  A final push for Bridges saw Roskilde stand strong, holding onto the lead as the referee blew his whistle, signaling full time.  Bridges will get a day off before taking on BK Nasat at 18.00 on Tuesday.

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