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Brad Rusin Back From Injury for HB Køge

Brad is a player the right casting. He gives always 100% for training and combat, and we’ve really seen what he has built in recent matches, where he has been thrown into the fire without optimal fighting shape, and yet he has with great elbow grease struggled through in style . It is impressive style, and something we as a team can really build on, said HB Køge head coach Tommy Møller Nielsen to Club News, published in conjunction with Saturday newspaper as a prelude to this weekend’s home game against AGF.

“I play where the coach puts me, and I’m used to always give everything. I really like this team, and these comrades, and we should just stay at the final whistle, so there will be more victories. I believe in a victory against AGF – of course I do,” says Rusin.

Read more http://www.hb.dk/Default.aspx?ID=47&PID=150&NewsID=2925

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